Growing in Solid Love

Nowadays, we’re living in a liquid attitude which many things are projected in our interpersonal relationships.  People have been used others like an object and when we don’t need it we discarded.  For example, I met a girl who I really like and I have started dating her up to I get what I need from her.  It could be that I wanted to date her because I was bored being alone and just for having fun and why not have sex and that’s all.   I will never dating her again and I will never answer her calls since I got what I wanted from her and she is not useful for me.  That is what happening now with some people with their relationships.  Love gets hurt with an utilitarian attitude.

What we need to do is to repair “broken hearts”, give tools to others in particular to young people.  Teach them how to treat others in their friendly and family relationships even with their coworkers.  It does not matter who you are we need to keep in mind that you are a person who deserves respect and be treat as a person not as an object which could be useful to me at a particular moment.

We need to move from the utilitarian attitude to a personalistic attitude where people are treated as a person not as an object.





An important topic for working with young people must be the education of your sexuality.  In addition to learn how to prevent an unexpected pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, boys and girls wants to know how to choose the person to share all your time, all your life, the person whose will be with you up to the end.  Furthermore, young and some adults want to learn how to communicate with their couple, they want to know if the relationship has viability and also how to build a life project together.  In addition to this, couples should know how to discuss in such a way that they can enriched with the diversity which motivated that discussion.

People spend years in schools and then in the college or university receiving important information, but the information that will have more impact on their life and their personal and social health they do not receive anything.  I know that all parents desire the best for their child, if they want their child happiness they can not omit information for growth in solid love.